The scripts and input files that accompany this demo can be found in the demos/protocol_captures directory of the Rosetta weekly releases.

This is a protocol capture, and represents the protocol at a fixed point in time. It may not work with the current version of Rosetta.



Rhiju Das,

Protocol Name

Rhiju's live demo on hacking code [creating a minimized helix for arbitrary sequence]

Brief Description

How not to code [renamed by Charlie & Rich to: Iron Chef Rosetta 1, Live Demo with Rotating Knives] Rhiju Das Tuesday Aug. 3, 2010

A 20-minute attempt to demystify writing C++ protocols in mini.


Example Rosetta Command Line

~/src/mini/bin/protein_helix_assemble.macosgccrelease  -database ~/minirosetta_database/ -seq MRGSHHHHHHGMASIEGRGSLRDLQYALQEKIEELRQRDALIDELELELDQKDELIQMLQNELDKYRSVIRP

Above is a CASP target that is mostly helical (obviously the His-tag in the front is not, but hey I only had 20 minutes).


The right Rosetta version: Revision: 36561

Other Comments:

The above is the Das lab branch, but I think the only thing I used from it is a function clear_conformation_viewers(), which you can comment out.

I think you can compile this in trunk if you just copy the file:

to your pilot directory, and then make sure scons knows about it, in the file: