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Rotate pose over a given axis.

      <RollMover name="(&string)" start_res="(&int)" stop_res="(&int)" min_angle="(&Real)" max_angle="(&Real)"> 
             <axis x="(&Real)" y="(&Real)" z="(&Real)" /> 
             <translate x="(&Real)" y="(&Real)" z="(&Real)" /> 

  • start_res: first residue id of object to roll
  • stop_res: last residue id of object to roll
  • min_angle: minimum angle to roll about axis
  • max_angle: maximum angle to roll about axis
  • axis: vector to rotate about
  • translate: point to translate axis to

Rotate and/or translate pose over random axis/random direction

<RollMover name="(&string)" chain="(&int)" random_roll="(&Bool)" random_roll_angle_mag="(&Real)" random_roll_trans_mag="(&Real)" /> 
  • random_roll_angle_mag: the sigma for a gaussian magnitude rotation around a random axis
  • random_roll_trans_mag: the sigma for a 3D gaussian random translation

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