Mover created by Labonte


An EnzymaticMover for for simulating the transfer of a carbohydrate residue or residues to a Pose.

This Mover simulates the activity of a virtual glycosyltransferase (GT) or oligosacharyltransferase (OST) enzyme on a Pose by adding (a) carbohydrate residue(s) at biologically relevant sequon positions.

RosettaScripts Details

Autogenerated Tag Syntax Documentation:

Enzymatic mover to glycosylate a pose

<GlycosyltransferaseMover name="(&string;)" species="(&string;)"
        enzyme_name="(&string;)" efficiency="(&real;)"
        perform_major_reaction_only="(&bool;)" perform_all_reactions="(&bool;)" />
  • species: Set the species name of this simulated enzyme.
  • enzyme_name: Set the specific name of this simulated enzyme.
  • efficiency: Directly set the efficiency of this enzyme, ignoring whatever is in the database.
  • perform_major_reaction_only: Set this EnzymaticMover to perform only its major reaction.
  • perform_all_reactions: Allow this EnzymaticMover to be promiscuous, performing a random transfer from among its possible co-substrates.

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