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This is a TaskOperation that limits the number of threads that can be requested for interaction graph pre-computation. Note that this only has an effect in the multi-threaded builds of Rosetta (built with extras=cxx11thread option appended to the scons command).

In multi-threaded builds of Rosetta, a global Rosetta thread pool is maintained. The number of threads launched per Rosetta process is by default equal to the number of cores detected on the node on which the Rosetta process is running, but can be limited with the -multithreading:total_threads <number> command-line option. When packing, the interaction graph pre-computation will divide its work over available threads, requesting, by default, all available threads from the thread pool. The number actually assigned may be less depending on thread availability, but is guaranteed to be at least 1. This TaskOperation allows the user to specify that fewer threads than the total count should be requested. (Note that linear increases in packing performance are only observed up to about 4 threads, beyond which there are diminishing returns.)

The default number of threads requested for interaction graph setup can also be controlled on the command-line using the -multithreading:interaction_graph_threads <number> option.

Effect in single-threaded builds

In single-threaded builds, this TaskOperation can have no effect. The number of threads to request can only be set to 1 or to 0, where 0 means "request all available" (which, in a single-threaded build, is 1).

Effect of multiple instances of this TaskOperation

The RestrictInteractionGraphThreadsOperation can only reduce the number of threads requested. If more than one is applied, the lesser number of threads will be requested. (Note that it is difficult to imagine a situation in which it would make sense to apply multiple RestrictInteractionGraphThreadsOperations.)



Autogenerated Tag Syntax Documentation:

The RestrictInteractionGraphThreadsOperation limits the number of threads allowed for interaction graph pre-computation. By default, all available threads are used. Note that this only has an effect in the multi-threaded build of Rosetta (built with the "extras=cxx11thread" option). This TaskOperation was written on Saturday, 19 October 2019 by Vikram K. Mulligan, Flatiron Institute (

<RestrictInteractionGraphThreadsOperation name="(&string;)"
        thread_limit="(0 &non_negative_integer;)" />
  • thread_limit: The maximum number of threads allowed for interaction graph precomputation. Setting this to 0 imposes no limit. Note that this task operation will only lower the number of allowed threads. That is, if other flags or task operations limit the allowed threads to fewer than this task operation allows, the minimum value will be used.

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