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    You are right. It is precompiled, and very inconveniently the source
    does not seem to be available. My understanding is that you do not,
    strictly speaking, need reconstruct_PDB_by_index. You can instead use
    rosetta itself to do the same thing.
    The command:
    rosetta.gcc -score -nstruct 1 -silent_input -s -t tag

    I just copied the from old release files to 2.2.0 and current trunk, it should do the same thing although I’ve never tried.

    > Hello,
    > I recompiled the Rosetta suite on my MacosX, almost succesfully. The
    > module that poses a problem is the executable reconstruct_PDB_by_index.
    > (I installed the required GNU Scientific library) but I think this
    > program is pre-compiled and linked for another computer brand.
    > Where do I find the sources of this module?
    > regards,
    > Marc