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    > You need supply a path file named “path.txt” in your current directory or use flag “-path xxx/xxx” to tell rosetta where the file is. This file specifies the input/output file paths, the database and score output paths. The error you mentions is because that rosetta could not find the input file in the directory as the definition path.txt.
    > For more details, please check the README.paths.txt

    you mean “paths.txt” ?

    there is one there (the one provided by the rosetta_documentation tar.gz file)
    The only modification I did was to change the data files to:
    ../../../../../rosetta_database/ (as stated in the Quick+Start page).

    the full “paths.txt” file is as follow:
    Rosetta Input/Output Paths (order essential)
    path is first ‘/’, ‘./’,or ‘../’ to next whitespace, must end with ‘/’
    native structure(required) ../
    unbound structure(optional) ../
    alternate data files(optional) ./
    fragments(not used) ./
    structure dssp (not used) ./
    sequence map(optional) ./
    constraints(optional) ../
    starting structure(required) ../prepack/
    data files(required) ../../../../../rosetta_database/
    movie ./
    pdb path ./
    score ./
    status ./
    user ./
    FRAGMENTS: (use ‘*****’ in place of pdb name and chain)
    2 number of valid fragment files
    3 frag file 1 size
    aa*****03_05.200_v1_3 name
    9 frag file 2 size
    aa*****09_05.200_v1_3 name

    The issue I have is that the “required” data files (in ../prepack) are not provided and I have no
    idea how to generate one (basic beginner question).