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Sally Ride

    So it sounds that -seed_offset and -constant_seed -jran are just two alternative solutions to the same problem. I used -seed_offset and indeed it apparently worked, but I think the community prefers -constant_seed -jran (however it does not matter as I understand). -constant_seed -jran looks better for the greater control of your seed values…

    Thanks for explanations.

    > If you run jobs in a cluster of parallel cpus,sometimes you will get exact same results.This is a general problem for Rosetta.The reason is that some cpus are starting from exactly the same random seed .One solution for this is to add -seed_offset followed by an int number to your command line ,in this way, you can force each cpu to start from a different seed with that offset number.
    > You can also try to run with -constant_seed -jran in multiple clusters,yes, the selection of the integers for the jran should between 1 million and 4 million.The default value is 1111111.You can certainly choose different values if you want to submit jobs to different clusters.