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    I would guess that you are an academic user. The UserGuide is for 2.1.1 which did not open to academic users. But you still can use other version to test the User Guide. You just need to copy past the command lines:
    rosetta.gcc -s 1c4z.pdb -interface -ala_scan_only >& output/alanine_scan_command_line.log & tail -f output/alanine_scan_command_line.log
    rosetta.gcc -interface -ala_scan_only -Wpack_only -repack_neighbors -relax_unbound -intout gpep1_intout_alanine_scan -paths ../gpep1/paths.txt -s ../gpep1/gpep1_short.pdb $common_args > & gpep1_alascan.log

    > I’ve gotten 2.3, 2.2, 2.1 to all compile on my x86_64 but whenever I try to run any of the examples (with what I think are appropriately detailed paths.txt files) it gives a segmentation fault after displaying all of the options. The 1c4z alanine scan and test repacking tutorial are all I have tried. Any ideas?