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    which version are you using? and what is the content in the conss.txt?

    Looks like the disulf file does not correct.

    > Dear developers,
    > I would like to make an ab initio model running Rosetta under a disulfide-bonding restraint.
    > I typed the following command line:
    > ./rosetta.gcc -design -series aa -protein VHBX -chain _ -s VHBX.pdb -fix_disulf conss.txt -resfile res -ndruns 2000 pdbout test1>& log
    > I found the error message
    > Error score_disulf_cendist, tempdist = 0
    > > ERROR: Exit line:3160
    > If any one of you can help me; please, tell me how to do it correctly.
    > With many thanks,
    > best regards,
    > Elin Teppa.