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    I do not release understand your question. Did the error happen during the compiling or simulation runs?
    If it happened during a simulation run, can you provide the command line to us?

    > I built a 64-bit version of rosetta (2.3.0) using Intel v.91 compilers with MPICH 1.2.7p1 on a 64-bit AMD processor. I compiled the code with a symbol table and no optimization and ran it in the totalview debugger with memory debugging turned on. At the very end of the program when doing memory cleanup (job_distributor::memory_cleanup), there is a memory error when deallocating memory. The error is “program attempted to free a block incorrectly in the middle of the block.” The location of the error is line 768 in file FArrayB.hh
    > This causes the program to hang and never complete.
    > How do I fix this?
    > Thank you
    > Andrew