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    Hi everybody,

    I’m novice in using rosetta3.
    However, after having installed “scons”, I built it successfully and easily on my MacBook (OS X 10.5.6) using the command line :
    > scons bin mode=release

    After that, the abinitio mode works well, using the command line :
    >AbinitioRelax.macosgccrelease @flags -database /Applications/rosetta3_database

    As I’ve got two 2GHz Intel processors on my machine, I tried to compile rosetta3 with the following command line :
    > scons -j2 gcc=mpi mode=release.

    It used my two CPUs to compile the soft.
    However, when I use the “AbinitioRelax.macosgccrelease” executable, with the same command line described before, the calculation still runs on 1 of my 2 CPUs.

    Does anyone know the correct command line or flags to write to perform calculation on two processors, please ?