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    hey will, yes, fixbb enzyme design will be in 3.1. in 3.0, it was a pilot app, i don’t know if you have access to those.

    the flexbb protocol will also be available, although that is very experimental at this point and not really benchmarked. there also won’t be documentation for the flexbb stuff yet.

    best, Florian Richter PhD student, baker group

    > I’m a student who’s been playing Rosetta 3 for a few weeks now, for use in a research project, and I was wondering if there is a public read-only account for the svn repository used by the Rosetta developers, so that I (and others) could have access to the latest development version of the software. Failing that, does anyone know when Rosetta 3.1 will be released (which I presume will have the enzyme design app)? > > The reason I ask is that there seem to be several intentional omissions from the release. For example, there is protocol code for enzyme design but no public app to run. Do the fix- and flexbb enzyme design protocols in Rosetta 3 simply not work? Or could one of the Rosetta developers post some public application code that would allow one to use those protocols? > > Thank you very much. > > – Will A. > Brown University