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    “scons: `bin’ is up to date. scons: done building targets. ” This is supposed to mean you’re done!

    The 0 byte things in the bin folder are symbolic links to the executeables – do they not work when you try to run them? When you say “installer archive”, do you mean that they were already there when you unpackaged the code and have not been changed?

    The fact that your bin folder says linuxgccrelease (when you’re on a windows box) and the fact that there are ONLY o and os files in your build folder implies that the executeable step isn’t occuring, even though the library files are getting built. Are there any large .so files (,, etc)? These are the library files. If those files are missing, then it might be a problem with the linker – it’s not used until the last steps when executeables and libraries are combined.

    The error scons is throwing (and i’m not a scons expert) implies that there’s something misformatted in the build settings – I’d guess when we tried to fix your pilot apps file earlier, the formatting got corrupted. You can try reading the build files directly into the python interpreter to check if they’re properly formatted: I introduced a deliberate error into my user.settings, and python alone notices it without scons.

    Go to tools/build, and run “python user.settings” and see if it complains. If it does not complain, deliberately add some garbage to the file (delete a bracket or comma) and try again as a positive control. If it does complain, try to fix the formatting error.