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    Hi crispy,

    for the “MinGW generating specs from..” output, I used the “-v” (which stands for “–version”) parameter with the C++ compiler executable:

    __mingw32-c++.exe -v__

    If the __/MinGW/bin/__ folder is added to the system’s ===$PATH=== variable, you can simply run the command in a text console from anywhere.

    Unfortunately, I don’t fully understand your question regarding the “svn revision of mini you’re compiling”. As far as I can tell, the abbreviation “SVN” stands for SubVersion … And the revision is a compiling version number. But: What is mini? Ever tried to google that word only? (:wink:)

    I’m going to give cygwin a try and install it this week: If it works, I will send you my notes on the steps necessary to reproduce.