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    > Hi, all.
    > I’m trying to cluster some 50,000 de novo decoys, the initial sequence was about 60 aa long. But my lab’s cluster’s queueing app kills the job, and when I run it without the queuing app, it hogs the memory perceptibly.
    > Some facts:
    > (1) This happens when clustering both silent and pdb files.
    > (2) Apparently, Rosetta 2.3. clustering worked fine on the cluster… but, according to a co-worker, I can’t cluster Rosetta 3.0 decoys with the Rosetta 2.3. application. (I am new to both, so I decided to learn 3.0 first.)
    > (3) The IT admin gave me this info on the cluster:
    > kernel: SMP, i686, 32bit
    > gcc-4.1
    > Is this a bug, or a behaviour to be expected?