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    Thank you for the fast reply, unfortunately I still couldn’t get it to work.

    When I try to use the patch in Abinitio with the altered FASTA-file, the patch is not recognized because only the patches for the centroid residue-type-set are loaded, but the patch applies only to the fa-standard set. Referencing the patch in the centroid patch.txt-file only results in another error. I haven’t found any option that results in the fa-standard residue-type-set being used when the fasta-file is checked instead of the centroid one even though the generated files are full-atom structures (-return_full_atom, or -in:file:fullatom didn’t change anything).
    Besides this does it matter that the sulfation is not included in the fragment libraries?

    I also tried inserting the sulfation with another program in a structure generated with Abinitio. After modifying the pdb-file to match the format of the pdb-files generated by rosetta the sulfation is recognized but the program terminates with a segmentation fault.
    So what does segmentation fault mean and is there any way to avoid it?

    I’d welcome any further suggestions!