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    I can’t find an lrms field in the normal scorefile. The rms field is filled by a function called “calc_Lrmsd”, so I’m guessing that’s what you mean?

    The function appears to be defined at line 557 of src/protocols/docking/ Its internal comments do not shed much light. It appears to get the RMSD of the entire mobile side half the dimer against its position in the “native pose” – it’s not limited to interface residues. Does this solve your problem?

    > Hi can you please shed some light on how Irms (reported in the score.fasc file produced as rosetta dock results) is calculated?
    > I tried looking at residues of the “ligand protein” that have any heavy atoms within 4 angstroms of the “receptor protein” heavy atoms in the decoy and computing Calpha rmsd shift from the original input versus the decoy. The values I compute are too big by a factor of about 2.
    > Please let me know how Irms is defined. Thank you.