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    I don’t have any useful advice for getting the MPI build to work; this isn’t an error I’ve seen before. If you can’t change the MPI installation, we’ll have to tweak Rosetta.

    If you aren’t intending to USE the matcher (which is part of the enzyme design package), then let’s just try removing it wholesale from compilation. You can comment that whole folder out of protocols.src.settings and any client executeables out of apps.src.settings. I’ll cross my fingers for you…

    Anyway, even once you get this working, the 3.1 version of abinitio is not MPI compatible. Give me your email address and I’ll send along an MPIable version. It takes the same options, etc, as standard abinitio, so once you get an answer to your other SS question (I’ve punted it to someone who knows) that answer should still apply.