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    Your timing benchmarks are reasonable.

    You can run the unit tests, and they should all pass. Compile them with “scons cat=test mode=release” and run them with “test/ -database (path)” from the main rosetta directory.

    The integration tests do not ship with results because the actual results change from machine to machine – Rosetta is not deeply numerically stable against 32/64 bits and processor architectures. If you want, I can send you a copy of what they look like on my machine, but basically you can do this: compile with “scons bin mode=release” then cd test/integration and run “ -d (database path)” to run the tests. You can then poke around in the ref directory created and look at the results; if they seem “complete” then you’re good. The integration tests are timed to run in less than a minute so they rarely give a “real” trajectory, but they should give complete trajectories which at least try out all parts of a protocol and print some result.

    There are also scientific tests in test/scientific. I don’t know how to run them but they have instructions built in; post again if you need help with them and I’ll ask around.