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    I’m glad to see that you’ve already tried the advice I gave that other user. It’s not clear to me you’ve convinced SCons to try using 4.1. Try a couple of things:

    A) type “which gcc-4.1” into the command line. It should return something like “/usr/X11R6/bin/gcc-4.1”. This means you did get gcc-4.1 installed properly.

    B) try overriding the cxx_ver flag with user.settings instead of on command line. Go to the file tools/build/user.settings. Look for the second “overrides”. Add these lines:
    “cc” : “gcc-4.1”,
    “cxx” : “g++-4.1”,

    gcc 4.2 should work as well as 4.1 if that helps.

    If this advice fails, let me know, I’ll ping the developer list to see if anyone else is using 10.10 yet.