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    I think that the issue with has been resolved thanks to the file you sent me. Thank you.

    However, I seem to have run into another problem. My computer hangs/stops functioning at the “archive manager” stage. On another thread you suggested the following to skip the archive manager as it may have been taking up too much memory (

    “Off the top of my head, to remove ArchiveManager you’ll need to remove those files from protocols.src.settings (add # in front of those files; preferably everything in its immediate directory “archive” *but NOT all of JD2*) and then modify protocols/jd2/JobDistributorFactory to remove all references to ArchiveManager and its sibling classes (again, everything from “archive”). You might have to start killing code elsewhere to get it to compile after that; it could get ugly fast. Hopefully not.”

    I tried this, but I am getting issues with the files in the src/protocols/abinitio folder as they seem to be calling files from the archive folder (src/protocols/abinitio/IterativeAbrelax.hh:30:48: error: protocols/jd2/archive/ArchiveBase.hh: No such file or directory)

    I won’t be using IterativeAbrelax. All I need from rosetta is the energy minimization functionality and if possible ddg. Is there some way to just install them and skip the rest?

    Thanks again for the help,