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    Yes, it was a pathing thing. It may be buried deep, deep in the documentation, but no one told me that $PYTHONPATH would be automatically set to an incorrect value by the new OS. Actually, I think the old OS was doing it too, but there were other reasons to change, so that’s OK. I figured out the correct setting for PYTHONPATH & now can import all sorts of modules it couldn’t before, like os. HOWEVER it still crashes on “import time”. I found that the import calls relate to files in $PYTHONPATH. My version of python is 2.4.3. calls for 2.4 So the module names SHOULD be compatible. There are no files called time in $PYTHONPATH, nor anywhere else that ‘find’ can reach. There is a timeit. Does anyone know if these are equivalent? Has anyone managed to bring up rosetta on a Centos box recently?

    I’ve been experimenting with substituting timeit for time, just to see what happens. I found it in 2 places & fixed it, but there’s a 3rd call so deep in the scons calling hierarchy I haven’t managed to find it yet…

    Thanks for any advice!!