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    It appear that did in fact include #include even before I add this comment. It also did include #include . I do not know C++ but I do know Java. AS far I am concent it appear that does not include the header of type or something else. You wrote that I could add util.hh is there another util.hh i should add than one in the same dir as As I am using gcc 4.5.1 there might be a new feature or bug in this compiler that cause this error. Should I report it to Fedora?

    src/core/conformation/symmetry/ In function ‘void core::conformation::symmetry::make_symmetric_pose(core::pose::Pose&, core::conformation::symmetry::SymmetryInfo)’:
    src/core/conformation/symmetry/ error: expected type-specifier
    src/core/conformation/symmetry/ error: conversion from ‘int*’ to non-scalar type ‘core::pose::PDBInfoOP’ requested
    src/core/conformation/symmetry/ error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’