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    Heh, I am my sysadmin. :-)

    Anyway, there is a hackish way around this that I just tested as working.

    Instead of trying to passthrough the compiler settings from the environment, have the compiler settings enabled every time the compiler binaries are called. E.g.:

    $ cat ~/bin/icc
    source /build/compilers/linux/intel-12/bin/ ia32
    icc "$@"

    Create one for icpc as well, export PATH=~/bin:$PATH and then run scons and it works.

    I am in the middle of 32 and 64 bit builds with version 11.1 of the Intel Compilers, so I don’t know if Rosetta will actually compile with 3.2 or if there are any advantages at all.

    As an aside, are the Intel Compilers supported on OS X Intel? It doesn’t look like it, since the build ignored by calls for icc and is using gcc instead, but maybe I goofed something.

    Thanks for your assistance.