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    Actually I tried installing rosetta 3.2 first ..but I was getting errors so I installed rosetta 3.0 … As u have recommend to use 3.2 I will try to install again and if some errors arises I will get back to u ..
    Also I want to ask that if we already have a database of fragments and I reorder it according to the 9 mer format of rosetta library would it be possible to use it .. and if yes how ??
    I didnot understand the first part of ur last question… I don’t want any loop designing … What I want is to pick a fragment from a fragment library of say 10 residues and model the loop for the defined region and gives the model without any much structural changes to the backbone of the protein … Since after getting the best model I have to test it in wet lab whether the protein is active or not after the new loop insertion ??

    I would like to ask one more thing … Can u refer me to some detailed manual or paper where I can find everything about rosetta since I find it quite amazing for doing such jobs and I want to learn more and have a firm grip on it .. also I am not a programmer in python though I know perl .. but I have started learning python to code for my own stuff … so any good reference will help me a lot..