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    yup I guessed this was the case from the chainbreak experience :)

    I get this from PyRosetta:

    Type: instancemethod
    Base Class: <type 'instancemethod'>
    String Form: <bound method Pose.add_constraint of <rosetta.core.pose._rosetta_core_pose_000.Pose object at 0xccfaf8>>
    Namespace: Interactive
    add_constraint( (Pose)arg1, (object)cst) -> object :
    adding a constraint is done by cloning the input constraint. A const copy is then returned
    C++ signature :
    utility::pointer::owning_ptr<core::scoring::constraints::Constraint const> add_constraint(core::pose::Pose {lvalue},utility::pointer::owning_ptr<core::scoring::constraints::Constraint const>)

    But I don’t seem to be able to have available Contraint classes but not sure.