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    Thanks very much for renfrew and you.

    I have finished making a params file for my non-canonical residue. However, backrub could not recognize it. I have updated the produced file to residue_type_sets/fa_standard/residue_type.txt and feeded it to residue_type_sets/fa_standard/residue_type/d-ncaa.

    And at PDB reading stage, it was showed
    `apps.backrub: Processing xxx.pdb… [ WARNING ] discarding 5 atoms at position xxx in file xxx.pdb. Best match rsd_type: CYS

    the suprising thing was the number of atoms that I added to cys was more than 5 atoms, around 12.

    Then, it was interruptd at resfile reading stage, and shown

    core.pack.task.ResfileReader: Unable to add non-canonical amino acid CYSMTSL because it is not in the ResidueTypeSet for residue xx.
    ERROR:: Exit from: src/core/pack/task/ line: 1195

    ` I am sure I have decorated the corresponding residue in that position.

    So whether there was something important left by me? Could you help me to point it out?