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    Sorry, the setup_foldtree method was moved. The default method (DockingProtocol().setup_foldtree(pose)) will no longer work although you can use set_autofold_tree to let the protocol take care of it. The method can now be accessed in PyRosetta from rosetta.protocols.docking.setup_foldtree and requires a Vector1 argument containing the movable jumps. For example, using test_dock.pdb:

    rosetta.protocols.docking.setup_foldtree( pose , “E_I” , Vector1(1) )

    I haven’t checked set_autofoldtee but you can try:

    DockingProtocol().set_autofold_tree = True

    We’ll fix the script soon, thanks for finding the bug. You weren’t doing anything wrong, its one of the many things that needs to be updated soon.