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    Who can help me,I am very anxiety,I can’t solve the error.Even if I re-download the db include nr00,nr01,nr02,nr03,nr04,nr05,I decompress them and put them into nr directory,I run “/rosetta/rosetta_source/src/apps/public/membrane_abinitio/ t2.fasta t2.span /blast/bin/blastpgp /blast/nr /rosetta/rosetta_source/src/apps/public/membrane_abinitio/”,it just like running,but I also got the error:
    [root@localhost input]# /rosetta/rosetta_source/src/apps/public/membrane_abinitio/ t2.fasta t2.span /blast/bin/blastpgp /blast/nr /rosetta/rosetta_source/src/apps/public/membrane_abinitio/
    /blast/bin/blastpgp -i t2.fasta -d /blast/nr -j 2 -h 0.001 -b5000 -v5000 -o t2.blast
    Error in blast output file t2.blast truncated:
    readline() on closed filehandle MSA at /rosetta/rosetta_source/src/apps/public/membrane_abinitio/ line 91.
    2 0 0