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    Hi Frank,
    During last several weeks, I go back to use this method, trying to get a nicer solution. In my case, the space group is C121, with 2 or 3 copies in the ASU. I tried 2 copies first and from the 2nd step after I place the template into the intensities, I got a low positive LLG score (20) and low TFZ (4.7). Then I go to 4th step to do CM into density. After this step I did rescoring on the models coming out from the 4th step,using the script from the 2nd step with a higher sequence identity (not 100% since there are still missing part in the model). However, this time the LLG goes very negative (-600). Does this mean the “CM into density” goes to somewhere very dark? I appreciate if you have time and give me some suggestions on my case. Thanks.