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    Whether you have different structures with the same name, or the same structure with the same name, depends on whether the different runs started with different random number seeds. If you didn’t manually assign seeds, then what seed it gets is dependent on the system you run it on; I think it’s from /dev/urandom on linux systems.

    I would try just try extracting the first one from each set. If those are different, then probably they’re all different. If they’re all the same, you can throw a lot of it out as duplicate. If you get something like 5 copies of A, 3 copies of B, 4 copies of C, and one of D, then you have 4 results, and you can throw out the duplicate trajectory sets.

    You shouldn’t get behaviors like one output appearing from processor 1 at structure 0001, but then reappearing from processor 10 at structure 0245. If they’re going to be the same the numbers should be the same. (This might not hold true if you had multiple job restarts in the same output file, which may cause it to number “first results” as one plus the end of the last one.)