is the RosettaNMR protocol available in Rosetta 3.x?

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        Hi all users of Rosetta,
        I am a yung PhD student and is first time approach to Rosetta. I need to use RosettaNMR for my research program to include NOE RDC PCS in Rosetta calculation. But I noted that RosettaNMR is available only on Rosetta 2.x. Hence I ask you if in Rosetta 3.x is also possible include RDC data, because I found only c++ class to manage NOE and dihedral data.


        Best regard.

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          I’ve been directed to this:

          which may help a little…

          We don’t seem to have the documentation you want, but I’ll get it on the list for the next round of documentation-writing. Surely someone knows the answer but I don’t know who that is.

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