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        I seem to be having an issue with getting the binary version of the Dunbrack library to load properly in PyRosetta on Windows and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a fix for it. Obviously it takes about 30 seconds or so to load the Dunbrack libraries from text so it can turn into a rate-limiting step if you have to read these files a lot. I wasn’t able to load them at first, but then I realized “oh, of course, you need Administrator privileges to write that file to C:Program FilesRosetta…” So I ran PyRosetta as the Administrator and generated the bin file, but then PyRosetta complains that it is “out dated” the next time it attempts to read the bin file, and then reads everything from text again. It doesn’t seem to happen on Linux or Mac.

        Normally I would just use Linux, but some of my co-workers have become interested in using PyRosetta for their own projects and they have Windows machines. Additionally they have to start and stop PyRosetta frequently because it seems to use an enormous amount of memory on Windows (at least 2.5GB, sometimes even over 4 or 5GB, I’m assuming because only the “monolith” version is available for Windows) which is why we have to read the Dunbrack library a lot. I’m able to generate the bin file on my Linux machine and move it over to my Windows 7 VirtualBox and it works, but I’m thinking that is a little dangerous to do and probably won’t work on other people’s machines, plus it’s not generalizable.

        Is there a way to fix this? I’m thinking no, unless I change the underlying C++ code and recompile it, but I just thought I’d ask anyway in case there’s an easy explanation or in case somebody wants to take a look at this for a future PyRosetta release if one is planned. Thanks in advance for any help!

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          So far i was not able to make database binary generation to work correctly in Windows (something with Z lib). This is why this part of code is disable in all our windows build (PyRosetta, FoldIt, Boinc etc). So copying Linux database-bin file will not help…

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            I see, I kind of figured something like that would be the case but just thought I’d ask anyway. I think I can continue to work around it so it’s not a big deal. Thanks for your response!

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