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University of Illinois Chicago
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Assistant Professor
Research Summary
Macromolecular Identification, Structure, & Function
Research Description
The Drew Lab studies macromolecular assemblies in cells. These assemblies, made up of mostly proteins and nucleic acids, are responsible for most biological functions. We are specifically interested in learning how these assemblies function mechanistically and how they relate to human disease. We do this using biochemical, computational, and proteomic approaches. We aim to uncover the identities of assembly components, determine their 3D structure, and modulate their activity. In the context of Rosetta, we develop algorithms to model and design macromolecules. These efforts span large assemblies to low molecular weight including peptidomimetics which target the inhibition of an assembly’s function.
Research Keywords
Protein Complexes, Protein Interactions, Structure Prediction, Peptidomimetics, Proteomics, Minimization
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