Member Listing – Ora Furman

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Hebrew University
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Full Professor
Research Summary
Characterization, Modeling and Design of interactions mediated by peptides and short motifs. We develop and apply approaches to study interactions of biological importance.
Research Description
Modeling and design of peptide-protein interactions. Our laboratory consists of interacting scientists that are interested in improving our basic understanding and manipulation of interactions between proteins. This embraces different levels of resolution and scale: starting from the basic atom - level details of interactions; continuing to prediction and characterization of specific interactions; and finally addressing the ultimate question of their role within the context of a cell and a whole organism. We use computational tools, including structure-based computational prediction and manipulation of specific interactions, analysis of evolutionary signals hidden in sequences, and large-scale integration of this data by machine-learning approaches.
Research Keywords
peptide-protein interactions,peptide design,peptidomimetics,macrocycles,structure prediction,design, FlexPepDock, PatchMAN
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