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University of Washington
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We develop protein design software and use it to create molecules that solve modern challenges in medicine, technology and sustainability.
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The Baker Lab demonstrated proof-of-concept for de novo protein design with the design of TOP7, a novel protein with a fold not found in nature, and later developed general principles for designing hyperstable proteins with a wide diversity of folds. With the capability of designing stable protein structures in hand, we are developing methods for stabilizing both linear and complex epitopes from pathogen proteins and have shown that these can elicit neutralizing antibodies in animals, opening up computational design approaches to developing improved vaccines. More recently, we have developed a guided diffusion model for protein design called RFdiffusion and are using it to create even more complex structures and functions. We are also developing general methods for designing new catalysts and have used this approach to generate enzymes for a number of reactions not catalyzed in nature. We have developed an approach to computationally designing self-assembling nanomaterials and are now developing these materials for targeted drug delivery and vaccine applications. We’re always looking for new people to join our efforts. Our philosophy is that the more closely interacting a research group is, the better the science and the more fun overall.
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protein design
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