Authors: Dr. Jared Adolf-Bryfogle (, Dr. Jason Labonte (, and Dr. Sebastian Rämisch (

PIs: Dr. William Schief ( and Dr. Jeffrey Gray (


Growing Glycans in Rosetta: Accurate de novo glycan modeling, density fitting, and rational sequon design Jared Adolf-Bryfogle, J. W Labonte, J. C Kraft, M. Shapavolov, S. Raemisch, T. Lutteke, F. Dimaio, C. D Bahl, J. Pallesen, N. P King, J. J Gray, D. W Kulp, W. R Schief bioRxiv 2021.09.27.462000;

Autogenerated Tag Syntax Documentation:

Author: Jared Adolf-Bryfogle ( A selector for choosing glycan residues based on their layer - as measured by the residue distance to the start of the glycan tree.If no layer is set, will select all glycan residues.

<GlycanLayerSelector name="(&string;)" start="(&non_negative_integer;)"
        layer_as_less_than_or_equal_to="(&non_negative_integer;)" />
  • start: Start of the glycan layer we are selecting from.0-N
  • end: End of the glycan layer we are selecting from.1-N
  • layer_as_greater_than_or_equal_to: Set the layer as all residues greater than or equal to this number (such as the end of the tree)
  • layer_as_less_than_or_equal_to: Set the layer as all residue less or equal to this number (the beginning of the tree)

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