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    I never had a luck with Fedora 9 because I couldn’t get GCC 3.4 installed. However, I used Fedora 7, which came with GCC 4.1 that could successfully build Rosetta. You have to use make gcc.

    Make sure you have the setup you need in Fedora 7, such as the programmer tools. This website helps: Personal Fedora 7 Installation Guide. Mauriat Miranda. June 19, 2008.

    When I tried to build Rosetta, I found one necessary step:
    cp rosetta++/src/platform/Linux/platform/types.hh rosetta++/src/platform/  Copy a header file that tells the makefile what platform Rosetta will be running on.
    You will need to do this if you get “types.hh file not found” error.

    If you make a mistake and need to recompile, type make clean before make gcc, so that you have a clean start.

    Good luck