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    You can find the trimmed version of 1c4z.pdb in RosettaExamples/RosettaUserGuide/AlanineScanExample/ which can be downloaded from the software section of rosettacommons.


    > Hi,
    > I am new to Rosetta.
    > I would like to try the Alanine scanning example under the heading Design of Protein Protein Interactions – available at
    > I did not find the trimmed down version of 1c4z.pdb structure file in the Rosetta 2.0, 2.1.1 or 2.3.0
    > Could someone please let me know where is it located. I can as well download the structure from PDB but would like to follow the example for my understanding.
    > I will appreciate any help in this regard.
    > Thank you.