Member Site Forums Rosetta 3 Rosetta 3 – General should rosetta3.1 do prepacking before docking? Reply To: should rosetta3.1 do prepacking before docking?


    I know that in rosetta2.3, I have to do prepacking before regular run. Is the prepacking step still necessary in rosetta3.1? Could I just do full atom docking without that step? Thanks a lot.

    > I switched from rosetta2.3 to rosetta3.1 recently and I found that flags are changed in the new edition. I used to do prepacking before docking in rosetta2.3, should I do the same thing in rosetta3.1? Also, I used to do both perturbative docking and ensemble docking using rosetta2.3, could I do the same kind of thing using rosetta3.0?
    > Anyone knows the answers? Please share with me and I really appreciate that. Thanks a lot.