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    when I built rosetta++ by`/home/user/rosetta++/rosetta.gcc`, I came across an error. It was shown as follows:
    `Rosetta mode: abinitio
    [T/F OPT]Default FALSE value for [-chain_id]
    [T/F OPT]Default FALSE value for [-protein_name]
    [T/F OPT]Default FALSE value for [-series_code]
    This mode requires that the series_code protein_name and chain_id be defined (no hyphens allowed)

    The first three arguments must be:
    series_code protein_name chain_id
    use command line options:
    -series -protein -chain
    ERROR:: Exit from: line: 525
    I thought the paths file was correctly set up.

    How could I deal with it? Would anyone help me? Thanks for any suggestion in advance.

    PS: I have successfully installed rosetta3.2, and operated it well (so maybe it was not a problem about gcc or scons version). However, I still would like to use some other functions in rosetta++.

    Thanks very much.