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    These are guesses:

    core::options::OptionKeys::abinitio::increase_cycles, “Increase number of cycles at each stage of fold_abinitio (or pose_abinitio) by this factor” ).lower(0.001).def(1.0)

    core::options::OptionKeys::abinitio::rsd_wt_helix, “Reweight env,pair,cb for helix residues by this factor”
    (env, pair, and cb are scorefunction terms in centroid mode. pair handles electrostatics (such as they are); you should be able to look the others up in the Rohl review (2004 methods in enzymology)

    core::options::OptionKeys::abinitio::rsd_wt_loop, “Reweight env,pair,cb for loop residues by this factor”

    core::options::OptionKeys::abinitio::rg_reweight, “Reweight contribution of radius of gyration to total score by this scale factor”