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    i have tried the method suggested but still the error message is same and we failed to install rosetta.
    in my opinion the issues are as follows:

    1. svn: Currently, subversion-1.2.XXX is proposed version for Ubuntu 9.04 as svn. But there was no way to get subversion-1.2.XXX. what is minimum version of svn for Ubuntu 9.04 or rosetta 3.

    2. g++: From Ubuntu’s archive site for S/W, there was no g++ for ver. 4.3 and for g++-4.4 or later version have error with Ubuntu 9.04 (or JUST for our linux server) due to compatibility or dependency problems. which g++ is required to compile?

    3. in one of the mails “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz” but in our case “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lprotocols”. what is this
    “-lprotocols” and any solution for this?

    Please reply , this is surely testing my patience!!!!!