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        I am writting some files using the classes in rosetta,changing *settings files as the readmefile indicated,as a example,i wrote a class calculateTT using classes like Pose,Movemap etc,and when i recompiled it,it showed error as following:

        “In file included from external/boost_1_55_0/boost/throw_exception.hpp:43:0,
        from external/boost_1_55_0/boost/smart_ptr/shared_ptr.hpp:31,
        from external/boost_1_55_0/boost/shared_ptr.hpp:17,
        from src/utility/pointer/boost/owning_ptr.hh:18,
        from src/utility/pointer/owning_ptr.hh:19,
        from src/utility/pointer/boost/access_ptr.hh:21,
        from src/utility/pointer/access_ptr.hh:19,
        from src/core/pose/Pose.fwd.hh:22,
        from src/core/optimization/CalculateTT.h:8,
        from src/core/optimization/
        external/boost_1_55_0/boost/exception/exception.hpp:189:25: error: expected identifier before ‘(‘ token
        external/boost_1_55_0/boost/exception/exception.hpp:189:25: error: expected ‘)’ before numeric constant”,and some other errors similar to this.

        The CalculateTT class is what i added,its line 8 is to include the “src/core/pose/Pose.fwd.hh”,where the errors started from.I went to see the exception.hpp file at line 189,it is “template “,i am really confused about this since it started from head files in rosetta.

        Thank you in advance for your help,
        Jeremy Tim

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          Pose.fwd.hh is uses in a large number of places in Rosetta so I don’t think it’s at issue. – I’m guessing the issue is actually occurring somewhere in the 7 lines of CalculateTT.h prior to the Pose.fwd.hh. You’re likely missing something in one of those lines (e.g. a semicolon or a ‘)’ in an include file or the like), and the compiler is only recognizing that fact once it gets into the Pose.fwd.hh file.

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            Thank you!After i inherit class CalculateTT from utility::pointer::ReferenceCount,there is no this kind of error,but another error came from the from the include line of as following:(I checked the files,there were no syntax errors)

            In file included from external/boost_1_55_0/boost/graph/detail/adjacency_list.hpp:32,
            from external/boost_1_55_0/boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp:246,
            from external/boost_1_55_0/boost/graph/undirected_graph.hpp:10,
            from src/core/chemical/ResidueGraphTypes.hh:37,
            from src/core/chemical/orbitals/ICoorOrbitalData.hh:54,
            from src/core/chemical/Orbital.hh:31,
            from src/core/conformation/Residue.hh:30,
            from src/core/conformation/Conformation.hh:21,
            from src/core/pose/Pose.hh:60,
            from src/core/optimization/
            external/boost_1_55_0/boost/graph/graph_concepts.hpp: At global scope:
            external/boost_1_55_0/boost/graph/graph_concepts.hpp:258: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant
            external/boost_1_55_0/boost/graph/graph_concepts.hpp:258: error: expected ‘)’ before numeric constant

            I don’t know whether there are some constraints for using classes in Rosetta.

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              I’m not sure I can say anything else without seeing the and CalculateTT.hh files.

              If you’re not willing to post them publicly, send me a private message with a link (

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