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        Dear PyRosetta Users,

        Thank you for using PyRosetta and for your patience and feedback on the beta release.

        We are happy to announce that the PyRosetta Release v1.0 is now available for download at the website ( This version includes:

        * improved loading time
        * numerous bug fixes from the previous beta versions
        * wrapper functions for generating various input files such as resfiles or params files
        * a simplified interface for side-chain packing
        * support for non-protein molecules, such as small molecules or DNA/RNA
        * installation script and directions for a global install
        * help() function that provides information for all common objects

        Additionally, on the website you can now find:

        *an updated tutorial, free to download in PDF form, available for purchase as a softcover text
        *an expanded user’s manual
        *sample scripts that demonstrate a wide range of modeling protocols
        *user forums for PyRosetta questions and discussion
        *if needed, technical support (

        We hope you are finding PyRosetta to be useful. Please feel free to use this forum to post questions/comments or provide feedback.


        Sid Chaudhury, Jeffrey J. Gray, and Sergey Lyskov

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