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        Hello , I have been to trying build Rosetta in cygwin with scons to build large fusion protein.
        I know here is not scons and cygwin forum…but I couldn’t find recent post in another forum.

        I installed scons 2.3.3 from binary(.tar.gz)
        and added Path

        but I typed below command and got below error

        ./ -j8 mode=release rosetta
        Trace back (most recent call last):
        File “./”, line 187, in
        import SCons.Script
        ImportError: No module named SCons.Script

        I tried to install Rosetta on Ubuntu14.04 as dual boot too and I found Hardware imcompatibility prevent to install Ubuntu. So I want to install Rosetta on windows.

        Hope to solve it.


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          We don’t really recommend/support building Rosetta on Windows – even in a Cygwin environment. It’s just too much of a pain. (From conversations with the people who work Rosetta @ Home, the hardest and most time consuming part of any new version is getting the Windows build to work.)

          That said, the error you see on Cygwin scons looks like it can’t find the included scons library at main/source/external/scons-local/scons-local-2.0.1/ You could try adding the full path name to your PYTHONPATH environment variable. You probably also want to be sure you’re using the Cygwin-provided Python, if any, rather than the native Windows one, if that makes a difference. – Again, I don’t know if that will work, as compiling on Windows is not something that’s normally tested. You’re likely to run into other issues.

          Regarding using Linux, something that you may want to try instead is to use a Virtual Environment Manager. I’ve had success with the free Virtual Box system ( As there’s a software interface between the hardware and the OS, virtualization may smooth out some of the hardware incompatibility issues. Alternatively, it’s much easier to try other distributions if one isn’t working for some reason.

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            Thanks for a lot of advice rmoretti. Really helped me.

            I will check installed python(windows or cygwin) and try to add the full path to python folder and retry install Rosetta.

            Luckily, I successed to run ubuntu on Virtual box. I try install Rosetta later.

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              Thanks rmoretti!
              I succeeded to install Rosetta in Ubuntu14.04 LTS (Windows 7 Virtual box).
              ” sudo su “
              was need before build.

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                 I’ve run scons command as a regular user but about after 10min,I got error that says “~/source/bin は読み込み専用( is read only)”.I couldn’t write executables in bin.
                that maybe caused by user rights.(File owner of rosetta_2014.35.57232_bundle is user #513)
                So,I’ve run scons as a root.

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                  I’m not quite sure why — you should be able to compile Rosetta as a regular user, even with Ubuntu14.04 LTS in Windows 7-hosted Virtual box. (You may need to be root to install other packages like the zlib and the compiler, but the scons command itself should run as a regular user.)

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                    For future reference, it’s probably better to change the ownership of the file(s) instead. As root, you can use the “chown” command to change the ownership. “chown -R ” typically works, where “” is the login name of your regular user, and “” is the file or directory which you want to claim. (The “-R” means “recursive”, i.e. for a directory, also change the ownership of all the files and subdirectories which are in that directory.)

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