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        I have never been able to give the relax application more than one structure at a time, but now I have hundreds and doing each individually just isn’t an option. How can I do this?

        my flags file contains:
        -in:file:l inputs

        the inputs file contains:

        all the input files are in the current directory.

        The error is:
        protocols.jd2.PDBJobInputter: pushing 00_wildtype_0016_0201.pdb nstruct index 1
        protocols.jd2.PDBJobInputter: pushing 00_wildtype_0016_0202.pdb nstruct index 1
        protocols.jd2.PDBJobInputter: pushing 00_wildtype_0016_0203.pdb nstruct index 1 Adding undetected upper terminus type! 146
        core.pack.task: Packer task: initialize from command line()
        protocols.evaluation.ChiWellRmsdEvaluatorCreator: Evaluation Creator active ...
        protocols.jd2.PDBJobInputter: PDBJobInputter::pose_from_job
        core.import_pose.import_pose: PDB File:00_wildtype_0016_0001.pdb not found!

        Note that if I specify a single structure in the flags file:
        -in:file:s 00_wildtype_0016_0001.pdb

        It works just fine.

        How is it possible to give Rosetta a list of structures to work on?

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          This ought to work fine, assuming that 00_wildtype_0016_0001.pdb is in the directory in which you are running Rosetta (which it would have to be for -s 00_wildtype_0016_0001.pdb to work without a path).

          Post your -l file. My best guess is there is some sort of nonprinting character at the end of the line in your -l file. Are you using any path options in your options file?

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            The non-printing charachter is my guess too. That would be especially likely if you prepared the list with a Windows machine (which ends lines with a ‘rn’ combo) and were reading it on a Linux or MacOS 10 machine (which end lines with just ‘n’). The “extra” ‘r’ may be confusing things.

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              “How do I convert between Unix and Windows text files?”


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