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        I develop some software that runs Rosetta and need to know what version of Rosetta is being used so that it can set flags etc. appropriately.

        Ideally I need to be able to determine the version of Rosetta when I am just given the path to the top-level directory.

        In previous versions of Rosetta there was a README.version file that contained this information. Unfortunately this has now disappeared and I can’t find anything else suitable.

        Does anyone have any suggestions of the best way to determine the version?



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          Since we went to weekly releases, the name of the release has been stored as the name of the release tarball, but not the release itself. Thus the path itself will contain the data you want, unless whoever installed Rosetta renamed the default path. (In other words, the tarball Rosetta_wk34_2013.tar.gz untars into directory Rosetta_wk34_2013.

          This week and next week’s weeklies will have some new features developed from requests at the most recent Rosetta developers meeting, one of which is this sort of tagging. What range of Rosetta builds are you targeting? (3.0-3.5, plus several months of weeklies have been released; 3.6 will retroactively be January 1 release of this year).

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