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        1. How do I obtain and run PyRosetta?

        You need to obtain a license to recieve a username and password that will let you download PyRosetta.

        In order to run PyRosetta, your computer needs to run either Mac OS X (v 10.5) or Linux and must have Python v 2.5 already installed. Please see the installation page for more information.

        2. Is PyRosetta available for 64 bit Linux or Windows platforms?

        Currently PyRosetta is only supported for Linux (32 and 64-bit) and Mac OS X (10.5) platforms. There is currently no 64-bit build or Windows build of PyRosetta. However, some users have had some success in the challenging task of building their own Python bindings using the Rosetta v3.x C++ source code. Please see the forums for more information.

        3. How do I get started?

        Once you have obtained a license and downloaded and unzipped PyRosetta, the easiest way to get started is by going through the PyRosetta step-by-step tutorial and the PyRosetta manual.

        4. What if I have questions?

        If you have questions about how to install PyRosetta please contact technical support ( You can also post questions and browse previously answered questions here on the PyRosetta forums.

        5. What is the relationship between PyRosetta and Rosetta?

        PyRosetta is a Python-script based front-end to the Rosetta molecular modeling suite. Rosetta, which is a collaborative project between more than 15 labs world-wide, has limited ability to enable a end-user to create their own custom algorithms without substantial experience in both C++ programming and development within Rosetta. Through the use of Python-bindings, PyRosetta allows the end-user to have access to the same Rosetta functions available to Rosetta developers, through an easy-to-use Python script based interface.

        6. Does PyRosetta allow for parallel processing and high-performance computing?

        Yes, PyRosetta algorithms, like Rosetta, are easily scaled up to a large number of parallel processes. The job distributor object in PyRosetta that makes it simple to scale up simulations for multiple processes. Please see Section 4.4 of the PyRosetta Manual for more information.

        7. When will a release version of PyRosetta become available?

        PyRosetta Release version 1.0 is now available.

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