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        Dear Rosetta developers,

        I am new to use Rosetta and want to generate a fragment library. As a industrial user, I was noted to run fragment generation locally instead of using Robetta.

        The Rosetta 3.3 was recently compiled without any problems. I’m trying to use the perl script to generate the fragment library. But I cannot find the location of executable picker.linuxgccrelease. I checked the ~rosetta_dir/rosetta_source/bin. This picker executable is not there. When searching online, it indicated a directory mini/bin/. But I cannot find this directory in my Rosetta3.3 installation. Can any one please help?


        Lei Jia

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          Do you have fragment_picker.linuxgccrelease in rosetta_source/bin?

          Let me know which script/documentation you’re following that’s out of date and I’ll try to get it fixed.

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            Yes. I have fragment_picker.linuxgccrelease in rosetta_source/bin. Thank you for the fast response.
            The script I followed is in rosetta_fragments. Here is the link to fragment picker manual:


        Viewing 2 reply threads
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